Frequently Asked Questions

  • February 11, 2023
  • 01- How will SCRIPTick identify and develop Scripts?

    SCRIPTick is led by eminent lyricist and screenplay writer Madhan Karky, Producer and Screenplay Writer G. Dhananjayan and their team of experienced script writers from film industry. Their names are withheld for confidentiality reasons and they will be providing the screenplay analysis and evaluation support to SCRIPTick. Team SCRIPTick is reading a number of scripts for the last three years and have shortlisted scripts that are worth considering for feature films and web series. Since the year 2020, the team has read over 200 scripts and has curated and developed many scripts already, that can go for production. The team is reading more scripts every day and will be adding to SCRIPTick, those which meet their expectations for best scripts, suitable to make as a feature film or web series.

  • 02- Are the stories offered only for the Tamil language?

    No. SCRIPTick identifies stories that are meant for a universal audience, suitable for all languages, and not specific to only the Tamil audience.

  • 03- What kind of Scripts are chosen at SCRIPTick?

    The SCRIPTick team shortlists scripts that are entertaining, emotionally connecting, engaging, and offering something new to the audience. The key is, the script offers something new or not seen by the audience so far that also entertains, emotionally connects, and in the process engages the audience. Realistic and Artistic scripts too are considered that may get good recognition from critics and at film festivals but considering the challenging marketing opportunity for such films, they will be shortlisted in the next step. The focus is on shortlisting scripts that will connect to a larger audience.

  • 04- What kind of Genre of scripts are chosen and offered?

    SCRIPTick does not restrict to any particular genre while shortlisting and developing scripts. The genre can be anything from Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Family Entertainers, Romance, Horror, Comedy, Historical, Biography, Action to Mass Entertainers. It is up to the Producers/Filmmakers to choose what they are looking for. Script Writers can pitch their script from any of the above genre-based stories with SCRIPTick.

  • 05- Can the Script writers submit bound script straightaway instead of sending the Synopsis first?

    No. As a process of shortlisting, the Script Writers must first submit the detailed synopsis (registered) of the script along with the Script/Synopsis Submission Form. Only after it is found to be interesting and suitable, the full bound script shall be sought by Team SCRIPTick. Direct submission of full script shall not be entertained by Team SCRIPTick.

  • 06-Are the scripts offered for both films and web series?

    Yes, SCRIPTick offers scripts for both feature films and Web series. Based on the subject chosen and its potential to present in a long format (web series), the Producers/Filmmakers can decide to go for films or web series, depending on their suitability.

  • 07-How much will the Scripts cost and what kind of tie-up does SCRIPTick look for?

    SCRIPTick will offer scripts to Producers/Filmmakers at an outright cost basis for one main language with a share in remake rights value if the story is remade in other languages. The outright cost will vary from script to script and will not be a standard cost for all scripts. SCRIPTick team will discuss with Producers/Filmmakers and finalize the cost and terms for offering scripts on a one-to-one basis. SCRIPTick team shall decide the value of the script in mutual consultation with the Script Writers.

  • 08-What kind of credit will SCRIPTick look for?

    The Story-Screenplay-Dialogue writers must be credited by the Producers/Filmmakers if the fully developed stories are chosen. Of course, the Filmmakers can add credits like Additional Screenplay and Dialogues for themselves but for the core story/script only one credit, that is of the script writer belonging to SCRIPTick must be credited. In addition, SCRIPTick should be credited as Curated and Developed by SCRIPTick.

  • 09-Who will sell the Scripts to Producers/Filmmakers?

    SCRIPTick shall directly sell the scripts to Producers/Filmmakers and will be responsible for ensuring the terms of the agreement are honored and no future claims arise from the Script Writers of such scripts. Producers/Filmmakers cannot deal directly with Writers of stories offered by SCRIPTick as they belong exclusively to SCRIPTick only

  • 10-Can the Script Writer be given the opportunity to Direct too?

    Yes, subject to the Producer or the lead Hero agreeing to give the opportunity based on the experience and knowledge of the script writer. If the script offered by SCRIPTick is chosen by a Producer, he or she need not use the same scriptwriter to direct that script unless the person is equipped and experienced to handle that responsibility in their view. The deal through SCRIPTick shall be only for acquiring the script. Employing the scriptwriter to direct that script is the decision, the Producer can take depending on the suitability of the scriptwriter for that responsibility, though it is preferable to employ the scriptwriter to direct if he or she has experience in directing, to avoid the story getting lost in translation by another person as Director. SCRIPTick shall offer scripts with no Director attached to the script in most cases and wherever not possible, shall specify that the script is attached to the Director, who wishes to direct the story and the Producer may consider it.

  • 11-Can the Producers/Filmmakers directly sign with the Screen Writers?

    Producers/Filmmakers of scripts offered by SCRIPTick can directly sign with the Screen Writer on special cases, subject to agreeing to pay the fee applicable to SCRIPTick for identifying, curating and offering such scripts to them. The SCRIPTick fee shall be mutually worked out to help all the parties involved and shall not become a constraint in acquiring the script for Producers. SCRIPTick shall be entitled to the fee not just for the original language but even when the script is remade in other languages.

  • 12-Will the Producers/Filmmakers and Script Writers be charged for availing the service of SCRIPTick (going through the scripts or for submitting the scripts)?

    There will be no fee charged by SCRIPTick for offering the Synopsis/Pitch deck and curated bound script to Producers/Filmmakers to evaluate the suitability for their production. The charges will be applicable only when they finalize a script for production, offered by SCRIPTick.

    In the same way, the Script Writers shall not be charged any amount for submitting their script to SCRIPTick. The service will be offered free of cost and upon finalization of a script, SCRIPTick will offer amount for signing up the script to the script writers.

    The above is the plan for the initial period of 6 months from SCRIPTick. Post that, SCRIPTick is planning to introduce Premium Membership opportunity to give in additional services to both Script Writers and Producers/Filmmakers.

  • 13-What are the Credentials of SCRIPTick?

    SCRIPTick has been offering curated and fully developed screenplays for many years to Filmmakers and Producers and currently, number of scripts are under finalization with Filmmakers and Producers.

  • 14-Is there an eligibility criterion for script submission?

    Any individual, irrespective of their background, experience, or connection to the industry, can submit a synopsis or full script as long as it is registered with the SWA (Screenwriters Association) or at SWAN (South India Film Writers Association). The person can be either a Writer or Writer-Director.

  • 15-How many scripts are readily available with SCRIPTick now?

    SCRIPTick is continuously adding new scripts to its platform based on the shortlist and development by the team. As of now, the following number of scripts are available and ready for a shoot.

    Originals – 10 (four out of them are suitable for Web Series format)

    Adaptation – 1 (of a popular novel)

    Remakes – 3 (highly successful and critically acclaimed films of other languages)


George Clooney

“It’s possible for me to make a bad movie out of a good script, but I can’t make a good movie from a bad script.”


Hugh Laurie

“Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn’t, but it should be.”


Curtis Hanson

“You can dress it up, but it comes down to the fact that a movie is only as good as its script.”


Ewan McGregor

“The script, I always believe, is the foundation of everything.”


Steven Soderbergh

“The key is – don’t monkey around with the script. Then everything usually goes pretty well.”