India's First Ready-to-Shoot Script Bank

An integrated platform to offer Producers and Filmmakers carefully shortlisted, curated, fully developed and fine-tuned scripts from talented Script Writers, which are ready to go for shoot and in the process offer great opportunities to talented Script Writers to reach out to Producers and Filmmakers with their script.

About Us

What is SCRIPTick?

A Bridge

A Platform to bridge talented Script Writers with Producers/Filmmakers

A Bank

A Bank of handpicked, curated, ready-to-shoot scripts for movies and web series.

A Boon

To Script Writers and Producers to connect and benefit from each other

Why SCRIPTick?

Content is King is the most quoted line in the film business. Great scripts are the backbone of great films for decades and good scripts never fail to achieve success with the audience. However, the challenge is finding such great scripts for producers and filmmakers and hence compromises are often made to proceed with whatever is found to be good from the available scripts.

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SCRIPTick - Script Bank

SCRIPTick is formed to offer Producers and Filmmakers carefully shortlisted, curated, fully developed, and fine-tuned scripts (screenplays with dialogue) from talented Script/Screen Writers, which are ready to go for shoot and offer great opportunities to talented Script Writers to reach out to Producers and Filmmakers with their script through SCRIPTick.

The goal is to develop a large number of standalone script writers through SCRIPTick and compensate them adequately for their work, which will encourage more script writers to choose the profession of writing stories.

For Writers

SCRIPTick will enable Script Writers to reach the right Production House with right Scripts.

For Producers

SCRIPTick helps producers by providing a bank of curated and fully developed scripts in their preferred budget range to choose from.

Our Founders


Dr. G. Dhananjayan

Producer-Distributor-Screenplay Writer-Author-Founder of BOFTA Film Institute

Dr. G. Dhananjayan is a Management Professional (MBA) with over 25 years of corporate career experience in senior positions at Kansai-Nerolac Paints, Saregama-HMV, AirTel, Vodafone, Moser Baer Entertainment and Disney-UTV before turning into an entrepreneur in 2016.

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Dr. Madhan Karky

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Lyric Writer

Madhan Karky completed his Bachelors in Computer Science in the College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University in 2001. In 2002, Madhan Karky flew to Australia to pursue his Masters in Information Technology in University of Queensland, Australia.

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Our Team

A team of Screenplay Experts are a part of SCRIPTick, headed by ‘Karundhel’ Rajesh, a popular Screenplay Writer, Author and Trainer on Screenplay Writing, in addition to Dr. Madhan Karky and Dr.G. Dhananjayan. All the team members will be involved in script evaluation and analysis.

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How to send a registered script to SCRIPTick?

All Script Writers are advised to send their registered script to SCRIPTick. You can register your scripts and synopsis through South Indian Film Writers Association (SWAN) or The Screen Writers Association of India (SWA) before submitting them to SCRIPTick Script bank. Both the Associations allow you to register your scripts even if you have not worked in films through Associate Membership.

If you are a member of SWA, you can register your synopsis/scripts online itself and hence it is not a difficult process.

If you are unable to become a member of either SWAN or SWA due to any reason, you can send self-registered scripts (the scripts are sent by registered post with acknowledgement due) to yourself and a copy of that can be sent to us with the registered post details.

We advise all the writers to send only registered scripts in some way to protect their own interest.

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SCRIPTick Benefits

For Producers

SCRIPTick team is experienced in the film industry for over 20 years and is going through a number of scripts on an ongoing basis. Out of them the best are shortlisted, curated, and developed for SCRIPTick. Hence, it saves an enormous time and money to read or listen to scripts from screenwriters for the Producers/Filmmakers to work on developing them. For Filmmakers it will be a boon as they need not work on script development with a team through discussion and writing for many months, which takes away their premium filmmaking time. As it happens in Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu film industries, Filmmakers can just concentrate on selecting the right scripts, finalize the star cast and go for shooting using the services of SCRIPTick and their ready to shoot scripts.

It gives Producers/Filmmakers the opportunity to choose from the best scripts shortlisted and available at SCRIPTick. Producers/Filmmakers need not spend so much time and money to listen or read scripts and can choose from the best of SCRIPTick, which is a big opportunity offered by our team.

For Writers

SCRIPTick’s purpose is to connect talented Screenplay writers with Producers and Filmmakers through their scripts. The platform is meant for Screenplay writers willing to partner with SCRIPTick. Screen Writers who have good scripts can approach our team. Our team shall go through their scripts and if found suitable, will work out the tie-up based on their suitability (either to buy the scripts on an outright basis or on a partnership basis or to make use of them as writers and directors, depending on their knowledge and experience).

Screen Writers through SCRIPTick will be able to use the platform to take their content to potential producers and filmmakers which might not have been possible to do on their own. In this process, the screenwriters shall be compensated better too.

However, screenwriters cannot demand and make it conditional for their script to be directed by themselves unless they have sufficient knowledge and experience in Directing feature films/web series. They must be flexible to offer the script to Producers to decide on whom to direct such scripts so that their scripts can see the light of the day on big screens.

Popular Scripts

Ready-to-Shoot Scripts in our Bank



Original scripts for feature films developed by script writers with inputs from Team SCRIPTick. These scripts offer a big opportunity to remake in other languages once it works in the main language.



Adaptations of novels/old films that offer good potential for current times. Rights for novels/ old films were duly obtained by SCRIPTick.



Remakes of successful/highly appreciated films of other languages, having bought the remake rights and developed and written to suit Tamil audience sensibilities.


Web Series

Screenplays meant for web series of OTT platforms, developed over the months by the team with the script writers.

Form Downloads

Script / Synopsis

SSS Form


For Script

RFS Form


Alfred Hitchcock

“To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.”


Tim Bevan

“Scripts are what matter. If you get the foundations right and then you get the right ingredients on top, you stand a shot… but if you get those foundations wrong, then you absolutely don’t stand a shot. It’s very rare–almost never–that a good film gets made from a bad screenplay.”


Selvaraghavan, Director-Actor

“Writing screenplay is one of the toughest jobs in the world.”


Richard Attenborough

“There’s nothing more important in making movies than the screenplay.”


Howard Hawks

“You can’t fix a bad script after you start shooting. The problems on the page only get bigger as they move to the big screen.”


Vetrimaaran, Director

“It is the golden age of a screenwriter. In this era, if a script writer, has the content, potential and patience to sit and write, he will be rewarded”


George Lucas

“The script is what you’ve dreamed up–this is what it should be. The film is what you end up with.”


Steven Spielberg

“Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them effects, but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story.”


Mysskin, Director-Actor

“If there are specialized screenplay writers in Tamil, I can make 4 films a year”


Francis Ford Coppola

“I have always credited the writer of the original material above the title: Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or John Grisham’s The Rainmaker. I felt that I didn’t have the right to Francis Coppola’s anything unless I had written the story and the screenplay.”


Jean-Luc Godard

“There is no point in having sharp images when you’ve fuzzy ideas.”


Billy Wilder

“Film’s thought of as a director’s medium because the director creates the end product that appears on the screen. It’s that stupid auteur theory again, that the director is the author of the film. But what does the director shoot—the telephone book? Writers became much more important when sound came in, but they’ve had to put up a valiant fight to get the credit they deserve.”


Ridley Scott

“Once you crack the script, everything else follows.”

SCRIPTick Guidelines

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Script Submission Process

Scriptwriters with their fully developed scripts can approach SCRIPTick by first sending the detailed synopsis of their registered script...

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Script Request Process

SCRIPTick shall have the synopsis and bound scripts ready of all curated and fully developed screenplays. Interested Producers...

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SCRIPTick Guarantee

SCRIPTick will follow highest standards of professionalism, ethical practices and confidentiality while dealing with the Scripts...

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Terms and Conditions

There are no membership fee to Producers, Filmmakers and Script Writers to avail the services of SCRIPTick to begin with. SCRIPTick shall earn...

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Tie Ups

SCRIPTick is in the process of tying up with leading Film Production Houses of South Film Industry, in addition to individual Film Producers, to offer their curated and well developed scripts to benefit them and the Script Writers. The names of Production Houses tied up shall be updated from time to time in this section.

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