Script Request Process

  • February 11, 2023

SCRIPTick shall have the synopsis and bound scripts ready of all curated and fully developed screenplays. Interested Producers or Filmmakers can approach SCRIPTick team seeking a script by mentioning the genre in which they wish to pick up a script. Based on that, SCRIPTick will offer scripts, following this process.

a. Producers/Filmmakers are to write/contact the SCRIPTick team asking for scripts in the specific genre by submitting the Request for Script Form (RSF) duly signed along with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) duly signed (both the forms are available on the website to download, print and sign) to be sent by mail by such interested Producers/Filmmakers.

b. On getting the duly signed NDA and RSF, SCRIPTick shall pitch the script in the genre ready with them by sending the detailed synopsis and the pitch document of a registered script.

c. Producers/Filmmakers can review the detailed synopsis and pitch document and decide whether they find the script worth suiting their plans.

d. If they find it worth, Producers/Filmmakers can get back to SCRIPTick asking for the full script (bound script) or for a narration. SCRIPTick shall offer both the facilities (bound script or script narration) by the screenwriter to the Producers.

e. If the Producer/Filmmaker does not find the script offered worthwhile, he or she must write back with their feedback and can ask for another script.

f. At a time, only one story idea will be pitched to a Producer/Filmmaker for feedback. All the registered scripts in the library of SCRIPTick shall not be offered in one go to anyone. At a time, only one script shall be offered to Producers/Filmmakers to evaluate and after getting the feedback the next script shall be pitched to them.

g. Once the Producer/Filmmaker identifies a script offered by the SCRIPTick team, then the formalities of negotiation for the role of the Writer and the cost and terms of the script shall begin and will be finalized keeping in mind the interest of both parties.

h. SCRIPTick team shall finalize the terms of the deal with the Producers/Filmmakers and shall ensure the agreement between SCRIPTick and the Script Writer is provided as a supporting document to sign the agreement between SCRIPTick and the Producer/Filmmaker.


Guy Pearce

“I feel I do my best work when it’s all there on the page, and I feel that the character is very vivid as I read the script and I’m not having to create stuff and trying to cobble together something. If I have to do that, then I don’t entirely trust what I’m doing.”


Vincente Minnelli

“It’s always the story that interests me.”


David Lean

“I’m first and foremost interested in the story, the characters.”


Mel Brooks

“Everything starts with writing. And then to support your vision, your ideas, your philosophy, your jokes, whatever, you’ve gotta perform them and/or direct them, or sometimes just produce them.”


Jessica Raine

“For any role, I pretty much always go to the script, first and foremost.”